Why Do I Love Reading & Writing?

I have always been passionate about reading and writing. I spend a good amount of time reading, and I find it enjoyable to gain new knowledge, discover new information, and find spiritual enrichment. There are at least 12 reasons why you should start reading (taken from the Pearson blog):
  • Reading is good for your brain
  • Reading introduces you to new ideas and invites you to solve problems
  • Reading makes you a better writer
  • Reading improves your conversational skills
  • Reading strengthens worldview and convictions
  • Reading improves your self-discipline and consistency
  • Reading increases your knowledge of history
  • Reading increases cultural knowledge (without an expensive plane flight)
  • Reading challenges your imagination
  • Reading increases your skill in an area of interest
  • Reading inspires you
  • Reading reduces stress

to write is to love

I enjoy every letter I type, and I care about the readers. I become what I am today, because other people write, express themself, and share their ideas. It's always an honor for me to return the favor by writing. I write mostly about technology and put them on my blog. Oh, and some of them are even published in some well-known publications like ITNEXT and Chatbots Life!
These are the complete list of where I put my writings:

not only for myself

I am not only writing for myself, but I also write for my clients quite often. I provide writing services and most of the time they are related to copywriting, technical writing, documentation, and many more. If you need my help in writing something, let me know at [email protected].