Past Projects

Check it out — here's a peek at some of the cool projects I've had the pleasure of working on from 2010 until present.

Due to the confidential nature of the projects, I can't show too much details in public.

— Fiction Factory · Software Engineering

"Similar to Tactcheck but from the other end of spectrum. Focused on displaying how easy it is for someone to create fake news with malicious intent."

— Tactcheck · Software Engineering

"A cyber warfare simulation environment, focusing on combating propaganda and manipulation."

— Artopologi · Web3/Blockchain

"Where physical artworks meet blockchain. I work as the Blockchain Developer on this project."

— The Web3 Guru Free NFT · Web3/Blockchain

"Claim your free The Web3 Guru NFT!"

— The Web3 Guru · Web3/Blockchain

"Web3 development study material in a short and descriptive way."

— IDNFT.ID · Web3/Blockchain

"I handle the tech side (build and maintain) of IDNFT.ID. It is the largest NFT community in Indonesia."

— Metadev · Web3/Blockchain

"I Co-Found, build & maintain the Metadev website, the Indonesian Web3 developer community."

— Oakmont Podcast · Web App

"Check the download status & achievement category on the Oakmont Podcast system."

— NounsDAO Fork · Web3/Blockchain

"A forked NounsDAO project, deployed on the Polygon network."

— Vanilatte · Web App

"Vanilatte will help you to build your personalized digital wedding invitation. It also has a nice guest management system where your guests need only to scan a unique QR code to check in."

— Toxicity Space · Artificial Intelligence

"Internet toxic commentary detection."

— Digital&Dead · Chatbot

"A chatbot to simulate the hard time stories. Try this."

— Notionless Studio · Web App

"I build & sell Notion templates in Notionless Studio. A must-have application for those who want to manage their time/projects a lot better."

— Covid-19 Dashboard · Web App

"A small contribution to help humanity track the spread of Covid-19. Data were taken from a third-party source."

— Maucepat · Artificial Intelligence

"Similar to but in bulk and tailored for the E-Commerce industry. Image enhance feature is also applied using Artificial Intelligence."

— E-Commerce Text Entity Extractor · Artificial Intelligence

"Extract the important information from unstructured text for the E-Commerce industry. "

— Winterly (Chrome Extension Version) · Chrome Extension

"An open-source new tab replacement, featured by Microsoft."

— Winterly (Web Version) · Web App

"Replace your new tab page with winter images. Plus, you have a place to take personal notes."

— Get Bad News · Chatbot

"Simulate when all the bad news has spread massively and we have no clue whether we are reading the correct information or not. The link is to the latest staging version before being deployed internally."

— Pubwatch Dashboard · Web App

"Analyze the digital advertising data (displayed countries, location on the website, time when the ads are displayed, etc.). Made for an internal audit system for a digital advertising company based in Australia."

— Hadna Mini Products · Web App

"A collection of digital products that each digital product serves a single purpose."

— XMGravity Happiness App · Mobile App

"A unique, in-house mobile application, the XM Gravity Happiness App is designed to pump up the happiness quotient among its own staff."

— Vitrine Fabriek Chatbot · Chatbot

"Helping the e-commerce website visitors choose the furniture products using a chatbot."

— Luna Negra Customer Card · Mobile App

"A review app for Luna Negra’s restaurant customers."

— March of Heroes · Mobile Game

"Take part in the most furious conflicts of the Cold War in this thrilling shooter. Enjoy a swift adrenaline action and stunning graphics during 9 chapters."

— Kopitiam Oey Mobile Apps · Mobile App

"Mobile app for ordering foods & beverages from the Kopitiam Oey restaurant."

— Java Jazz Festival 2012 Mobile App · Mobile App

"A mobile app to show detailed information about Java Jazz Festival 2012."

— Immortals · Mobile Game

"Challenge the gods in the official game from Gameloft Immortals! You play for Theseus and will punish those, who sow darkness and evil."

— ISMedia Tracking System · Mobile App

"A mobile app to track ISM’s internal workflows."

— Blood For Life Mobile App · Mobile App

"A mobile app to help the blood donor monitor the blood availability in the Indonesian Red Cross organization."

— Asphalt 6: Adrenaline · Mobile App

"Get pumped up for the most polished racing game with the most graphically detailed locations."