Notion To Website

Jun 19, 2022 08:16 AM
Starting at $35
3 days
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Notion page with a custom domain!
Do you have an awesome Notion page that you want to share with the world, but you are disliking the long and easy-to-forget URL? Worry no more, you will have your Notion page accessible with a custom domain!
Check the examples in the gallery! All of those images are built using Notion, and accessible from a custom domain.
What will you get:
✅ Notion page accessible with a custom domain
✅ 100% by code, no third-party service involved
✅ No recurring (monthly/yearly) fee is needed (but you still need to renew your domain each year)
✅ No need for me to log in to your Notion account, just share me the page URL (your other Notion data is safe & private to you)
✅ Source code (I will share the Github repository access with you, so you can download it and make a copy if you want)