— Hi, my name is Diky Hadna, & welcome to my space.

My Son's #1 Software Engineer Dad & Digital Nomad Mentor.

I'm that tech-savvy wizard you summon for those moments when you're thinking about hacking your gramps' microwave to order pizza automatically.

I also offer freelance/remote work mentoring. I'll teach you how to navigate the treacherous realm of video meetings without accidentally becoming a viral meme. No, seriously.

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What I Do

Wouldn't it be nice to have a helping hand?

Software Engineering

I've been tinkering with code for more than a decade now. If you've got an idea for brilliant app, ping me for good. Whether it's a website, or some other tech wizardry, I've got the experience to bring it to life.

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Tech Service

Deeply immersed in the world of tech, I'm ready to provide you with tech services. From setting up your email, getting the money from a Nigerian prince, helping you to set the alarm, to increasing your phone's brightness.

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1:1 Mentoring

If you're looking to jazz up your freelancing game, I'm here to offer 1:1 mentoring that's all about helping you thrive in the world of digital nomad. From nailing productivity to finding the myth of work-life balance.

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What They Say

Some lovely testimonials from lovely clients I've helped

Peiru Teo · 🇸🇬 Singapore

"Diky was really easy to work with, accommodating and he replies very fast. He is also very pleasant and polite. Highly recommended!"

Baris Coskun · 🇹🇷 Turkey

"Having engaged with over 30 freelancers on Upwork, my experience with Diky stands out as one of the most seamless. He is exceptionally responsive, accommodating, and dedicated to his work.

Notably, Diky went above and beyond by offering assistance even before our formal contract began, and he ultimately delivered more than he had pledged. Collaborating with him was truly a rewarding experience.

I will definitely reach out to him for any future tasks where his expertise might be beneficial. I wholeheartedly recommend him!"

Alyssa Belton · 🇫🇷 France

"Diky is very prompt, thorough and open for feedback and suggestions."


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Featured Projects

Not all of them can be displayed, but some of them won't hurt...


We're all about making your big day even more special! We've got a wedding website service that's all about helping you share the joy of your wedding with your guests!





Winterly is a cool note-taking app that keeps your data right in your browser. Plus, we've added some cozy winter-themed designs to make your note-taking experience extra chill!





A blockchain-based certification platform that's all about making credentials and records rock-solid secure. Whether it's for education, professional, or anything else, we're here to ensure your certificates are super secure and trustworthy.




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Winterly Tab is Featured By Microsoft!

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